We are the Owner of Sun Smile Tuna Fish, Sun Smile Tomatoes, Sun Smile Sardine and Mag Mercy Rice. We also have Stakes in Oil & Gas, Construction and Security Equipments

Mag Mercy Group is a group of companies that have three subsidiaries and are expecting to add more subsidiaries in other key sectors of the economy. The Subsidiaries are:

• Mag Mercy Investment Ltd
• Mag Mercy Security Ltd
• Mag Mercy Petroleum Ltd

• Mag Brian Construction Ltd
People are our assets. Top on the list are our customers. We treat them like gold, because they really are. They are the reason why we are in business. Read more.

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The Managing Director, Magmercy Group Chief Magnus Anuakpado has resolved to make sure his rice - MAG MERCY RICE, tuna fish - SUN SMILE TUNA FISH and SUN SMILE TOMATOES remain the best in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

This is because he believed that Africans deserve nothing but the best especially when it comes to food items.

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